History of TISOL

The International School of Lae provides schooling in a unique place. I am hoping that as a family the culture of school life academically and socially will be positive and rewarding.

Over the years the school has evoked a range of emotions and feelings for those who have been students here. 

They include:

  • - Forming lifelong friendships
  • - Embracing the culture of Papua New Guinea
  • - Meeting people from all parts of the world
  • - Experiencing the cultural diversity
  • - Enjoying the spacious grounds
  • - Feeling safe at school
  • - Being challenged academically
  • - Having the opportunity to be the best you can be

The School Association is a registered association. The Annual General Meeting of the Association, which is held each year, elects officers for the following twelve months. Day-to-day management of the school is under the direction of the school Principal. The Principal is appointed by the IEA in consultation with the School Board

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School Times

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More information coming soon. Thank you for your patience.


More information coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

School Programs

PhotoAt TISOL we use the IEA Curriculum.

This is an “outcomes” based curriculum that aligns with international best practice and is used to provide instruction in English; Mathematics; Science, Studies of Society, Health and Physical Education; Art; Music; and Technology.

All programs are taught in English.

At TISOL we believe that our programs must:

  • - Cater for the development of students in four areas – intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional.
  • - Create an appropriate environment for the implementation and development of its educational programs.
  • - Support the staff and facilitate their professional development.


Our classrooms are large and well furnished. Each space allows teachers to use a range of teaching strategies to cater for the many learning styles that our students bring with them to school.

We have a 25m swimming pool is used swimming programs The school oval provides two playing fields for our student. The school's library is undergoing a redevelopment. When it is completed it will provide resources and learning spaces that will complement programs being taught by class teachers.

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Sport at TISOL

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