What is the IEA

TISOL is owned and operated by the International Education agency (IEA) of Papua New Guinea. The IEA is a not-for-profit organisation formed under an act of the PNG Parliament. The IEA operates over twenty schools throughout the country. It is an independent education authority. 

The IEA key outcomes are that each child will


... be self-directing

One who is self-confident, has high self esteem and personal integrity with a positive vision for self and the future.

... communicate effectively

One who confidently conveys and receives information, instruction, ideas and feelings appropriately and effectively in a range of different cultural, language and social contexts.

... behave ethically

One who exhibits appropriate morals, manners and virtues in a range of social and cultural settings.

... work collaboratively

One who develops good relationships with others and works in cooperative ways to achieve common goals.

... analyse and solve problems

One who accesses a range of information sources appropriate to the resolution of complex issues and applies strategies with accuracy and thoroughness.